Our Holding Story

Baltic Maritime Logistics Group (BMLG) is a holding and investment company deeply involved in the logistics sector.

With a robust presence in both Europe and Asia, BMLG serves a diverse and truly global clientele. Our dynamic holding specializes in providing top-tier logistics solutions, efficiently bridging the gap between various international markets. Our expertise includes managing complex supply chains, offering tailored transportation solutions, and ensuring timely and secure delivery of goods across continents. BMLG’s strategic positioning in key global markets allows to leverage local insights while maintaining a broad international perspective.

This unique combination enables BMLG to offer innovative logistics solutions that are both cost-effective and reliable.

On the growth track

Continuing the Journey of Expansion and Development The Baltic Maritime Logistics Group (BMLG), with its ownership firmly held by the management team, is deeply involved in the strategic development and financial stewardship of our affiliated companies.

Our approach is twofold: firstly, we focus on nurturing the natural growth and development of our current subsidiaries, ensuring they reach their full potential. Secondly, we are actively exploring new horizons by founding or acquiring innovative enterprises. This strategy is pivotal in our mission to expand our footprint in the logistics industry, allowing us to offer a wider range of services and to tap into new markets. Our commitment to growth is matched by our dedication to maintaining high standards of efficiency and service quality, ensuring that BMLG remains at the forefront of logistical solutions on a global scale.

Globe with our holding history of influence

Core businesses

Our Business Portfolio Encompasses a Comprehensive Array of Logistics Services.We operate a suite of companies that collectively provide a complete range of cargo transportation solutions.

This includes services across all principal conveyance methods: rail for land-based transit efficiency, road for flexible point-to-point delivery, sea for large-scale international shipping, and air for the fastest transit times. Beyond transportation, our operations extend to the direct management and operation of our own terminals and warehouses situated in key seaport areas. These facilities play a crucial role in facilitating efficient cargo handling, storage, and distribution, ensuring that we offer a fully integrated logistics service to meet the diverse needs of our clients in the global marketplace.

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BMLG was founded in 2000. Since then we have established and acquired numerous new and existing companies in Europe and Asia. 

Since 2000