Our portfolio includes over 70 companies registered in more that 10 countries in Europe and Central Asia, among the others in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, the Baltic states.

CF&S is an international freight forwarding concern providing also chartering, ship agency and terminal services. CF&S operates it’s own fleet of closed rail wagons, platforms, containers, and subcontracted trucks, delivering various cargo all over Europe and Asia.
Hansa Shipping Group owns and operates an expanding fleet of cargo ships sailing the Baltic sea, North sea and the Mediterranean. The concern provides chartering, crew management and ship management services.
Autolink is an international concern offering a comprehensive set of vehicle-distribution, warehousing and terminal services to a wide range of factories, importers and dealers. Autolink operates its own fleet of car transporters and rail cars.


ESTEVE is the sole stevedore in Paldiski South Harbour servicing transit and local trade with direct connections to many West European ports. ESTEVE is handling dry bulk, containers, ro-ro and general cargo. ESTEVE is also a stevedore in Tallinn Old City Harbour, servicing ro-ro, passanger and cruise vessels.
Kunda Sadam is a port authority and operator of the active regional commercial Port of Kunda in the Gulf of Finland, servicing dry bulk, general and liquid cargoes.


Stivis is a stevedoring company in the largest port in Estonia ‒ the Port of Muuga ‒ servicing the transit and local trade of dry bulk and general cargoes.

JTH Eesti

JTH offers heavy and oversized road transport in Scandinavia, the Baltics and Western Europe. JTH manages it’s own fleet of special trailers and trucks.
Salacgrīvas Nord Termināls is the sole stevedore and operator in the port of Salacgrīva in Latvia, located next to Via Baltica road network. SNT handles dry bulk and general cargoes.